Our First Post!

Engagement PhotoWelcome to “For the Love of Savings”!

Jake and I are going through a really exciting time in our life as we plan our wedding this next year. To add to this excitement, we are also transforming Jake’s house into a home. What’s common about both of these things? Besides being fun, they cost money! While both Jake and I are employed, we also live on a budget and can only spend so much on wedding and house related items. This brings us to the point of this site…

Ultimately, we want this to be a lifestyle blog that focuses on personal finances and saving money. We want this site to serve as a creative outlet that allows us to share with others how we spend our money and ways in which we save. We are by no means experts in personal finances, but merely want to document how we are building our life together while staying within a budget – and hopefully learning a lot along the way!

So please, join us, and let’s do life together!

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2 responses to “Our First Post!”

  1. Cathy Anderson says:

    Hi Jake and Maia – I believe this is a great idea. I know when Bob and I got married – we were savers. For us at that time – it was the first gas crisis and we have been the same ever since. While others have gas guzzlers – we were always conserving with cars that had the best gas mileage – hence – we have had Honda’s forever it seems and I like them (mine is 16 yr old). Bob could actually answer this better. I’m going to have to get him to say a few words when he gets home – from the Honda service for my car – actually sounds funny. Good luck to you both. A good habit to get into – and to pass along to your children when the time comes. Love ya!

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