How to Save BIG Money on Your Electric Bill

There’s one trick that I discovered just today that will really bring down your electric bill! I was working from home this morning, partly because of the crazy winter snow storm we are having in south Jersey, but mostly because I just work from home on Tuesdays. Anyway, I heard a loud popping noise come from outside my house and all of a sudden the power went out!

I had a brilliant thought at this exact moment.

If I don’t have power then I’m gonna save so much money on my electric bill! So, here’s my tip for saving BIG money:

Live like a neanderthal without electricity and be miserable!

It’s that simple! Go tell everyone you know this one simple trick and they will start saving money too!


Okay, okay, joking aside it does lend some insight into ways you can lower your electric bill. It takes a little bit of discipline, but here are some easy things to try:

Ways to Save Electricity

  1. Turn off lights in vacant rooms
  2. Turn your heat down in the winter
  3. Raise the AC temperature in the summer
  4. Clean air vents for better circulation (less work for your AC or heat)
  5. Switch light bulbs to energy efficient LEDs
  6. Use fans to circulate air
  7. Get a home energy audit
  8. Consider getting solar panels

Many of these things have to do with your heat or AC which means your thermostat can have a great impact on lowering your electric bill. Check out our post on the Nest thermostat which has been working wonders in my house and saving me money!

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