Buy This Not That: Save the Dates

A couple months ago, Jake and I were creating our saves the dates at We liked the idea of sending a magnet so people could put it on the refrigerator and see our beautiful faces every day 😉

As much as I wish that last statement was true, I did like the idea of the recipient being able to easily put the save the date up somewhere where they could see it often and be reminded of the date.

That being said, once Jake and I put together a more detailed budget for the wedding, we realized that we could save $97 if we just sent a one-sided petite-sized save the date as opposed to a magnet. After realizing this, it was a no brainer to go with the less expensive option.

save the dates

I loved that I was able to customize our save the dates on and have a decent amount of control over the price. I also feel like I didn’t have to sacrifice quality despite wanting a simple, less costly, save the date. After looking at all the different options, it seemed that price was based on:

1. Size – Classic, postcard, or petite
2. Magnet or non-magnet
3. One-sided or double-sided
4. Total number ordered

One tip that my maid of honor gave me regarding the wedding was to not spend a lot of money on things that people are just going to throw out (ie – save the dates, programs, etc). Now that I’m in the middle of planning and seeing how quickly expenses add up, I couldn’t agree more.

Save the dates that cost $0

Another idea we toyed around with was creating an electronic save the date. Since Jake is a web-developer I thought it would be cool if he could create a website with our save the date info on it. While this was definitely an option, my laziness got the best of me when it came to collecting our guests email addresses. However, if we had been really tight for money, I absolutely would have done this.

*Side note – If you are looking for a photographer, I highly recommend Vanessa Marie Photography. She did our engagement photos, which as you can see are absolutely beautiful. I can hardly wait to see how our wedding photos turn out.

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