Steal of a Deal: Kids Sneakers

Up until yesterday when mother nature decided to dump some snow on us, we have had a pretty mild winter in S. Jersey. However, it has also been rainy and overcast so whenever the sun is out, I try to get out as well. The other day I wanted to go for a walk right after work while it was still light out, but didn’t have my sneakers with me.

Work Path

Taking advantage of the beautiful weather and scenery.

Since this was not the only time I’ve wanted my sneakers and not had them, I decided it would be a good idea to always have a pair in the car so I can walk wherever I want, whenever I want, no matter what shoes I originally wore.

I just got the Target Red Card a couple weeks ago and decided that I might as well take advantage of the 5% savings so I headed on over to the store. Since these sneakers would basically be backup footwear, I didn’t want to spend too much on a pair but still wanted to them be comfortable and somewhat stylish.

As I made my way through the women’s shoes I saw some sneakers that I liked but thought they were too expensive for their intended purpose.

I then moseyed on over to the children’s section – yep, you read that correctly – and I found this pair that caught my eye that were literally $20 cheaper than a pair I had been looking at in the women’s section. I tried on a size 5 (I am a size 6 in women’s) and they fit me perfectly! For only $18.99, I couldn’t pass up buying them.

Kids Sneakers

My New (kids) Sneakers

Sometimes it pays to be small 🙂

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