Get Rid of Your Dinosaur Thermostat and Buy a Nest!

Today’s technology is leaps and bounds better than just a few years ago. Phones are getting nearly as powerful as full blown desktop computers and they fit in your pocket! That’s amazing. So what the heck is going on with that dinosaur thermostat in your living room? It has a unique ability to really save you money on your heating and cooling bills if used correctly. The problem is the 1990’s interface seems to fight you at every attempt to create a flexible schedule.

So, what should you do? I was in the same boat with my own dinosaur thermostat and finally made the decision to upgrade it to a Nest learning thermostat!

I was so lazy with my old thermostat. I basically set it at a temperature that was comfortable and let it be. I would have been content with that until I saw my winter gas bill last month which was enormous! I immediately took to the internet for a solution and found Nest which will learn your schedule and find ways to keep your home comfortable only when necessary.

The Benefits of Owning a Nest Thermostat

Nest has so many improvements over my old thermostat, it’s almost overwhelming.

Sleek and Easy Interface

Nest will be something you want to show off to visitors in your house. Compared to that old plastic block you used to call your thermostat, Nest looks like something from the future! It also operates like something from the future. It is so easy to control by simply turning it and pressing it for any operation. It’s basically a large dial and button in one.

nest thermostat

The led screen is large yet unobtrusive. The motion detector will sense when you are around and display the target temperature in giant digits. Until you move closer of course, then it will give you more details like what the current temperature is and how long till it will reach the target temperature. I wasn’t kidding when I said it looked like something from the future.

Nest Learns Your Schedule

In the first week of owning a Nest, all you have to do raise the temperature when you’re cold and lower it when you’re hot. That’s it. With each change Nest gains a little bit of knowledge about your schedule and adapts. After the first week you can view the schedule that Nest has created for you and alter it how you see fit, or let it be because it will only improve over time.

Eco Mode!

This is where Nest starts to pay for itself. In fact, the claim is it will pay for itself in 2 years! Eco mode is awesome and I love it. Basically, it will link up to your phone and whenever it detects that you are not home it will go into eco mode. When it is in that mode Nest will set the temperature to a much wider range in order to conserve energy.

For instance, while I’m home I like an even 70 degrees which feels comfortable. In eco mode, my Nest sets temperature thresholds between 62 and 86 degrees. During cold winter months it will try to maintain 62 degrees, because what good is a warm home with nobody in it! In the summer it will limit cooling to 86 degrees for the same reason.

Control Nest From Anywhere

Remember how I said Nest will link up to your phone? It has another benefit from doing that. Download the free app and you will be able to raise or lower the temperature where-ever you are. You can also set it into Eco Mode by setting your status to away. You can even alter your schedule on the fly. Talk about versatile!

Sensors Out the Wazoo

The amount of technology packed into that little cylinder is really impressive. It is able to detect motion, humidity, whether it’s in direct sunlight, and many other things I never would have thought of. Your dinosaur thermostat can’t even compete with that!

Highly Compatible and Easy to Install

It’s very important before you take the leap and buy a Nest that you make sure it is compatible with your current set up. Use their online tool to help determine if it is compatible: Chances are, if your house isn’t a pile of rocks, it will probably be compatible with your system.

Installing it was surprisingly very easy. I’m no electrician or handy man but I was able to get it working in about a half hour! If you can read letters and insert wires into holes you have all of the capability to install it on your own! If you are still not confident, Nest offers to install it for you, for a price of course.

Buy One Right NOW

I really enjoy my Nest thermostat and I know you will too! It will surely have a great impact on your overall cooling and heating costs. The sooner you get one the sooner you will rack up the savings!

You can also get the 2nd Gen Model which might be about $50 cheaper but still has the main functionality without some of the flair of the 3rd Gen Model. You can buy the 2nd Gen here. I’m a sucker for latest and greatest so I personally got the 3rd Gen Model.

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