9 Great Side-hustles to Start Earning Money Now

I think it’s safe to say that we all know some individuals that juggle a couple of jobs. While some have multiple part-time jobs, most have a side-hustle in addition to their full-time position. Whether it provides extra spending money or allows you to save for a big vacation, side-hustles can be profitable and done in your free time. Read below to see some of my favorites!

  1. Babysitting

    Growing up, this was the primary way I made any spending money and is something I still do occasionally. In my opinion, this is the easiest way to make money; the majority of the time all you have to do is play with the children, feed them, and then help them get ready for bed. Then you have the rest of the evening to yourself. For $8-10/hour, I would say this is a great side-gig.

  2. Pet-sitting

    This is another venture that I used to dabble in for some neighbors growing up. Whether you just stop by the house to take care of the animals, or actually live with them while their owners are away, it’s another great way to make extra money.

  3. Tutoring

    Based on my experience tutoring, I know that there are many students, ranging from middle school to the college level that need help understanding certain subjects. If you are proficient in a specific area and have a knack for teaching, see if there are any opportunities to tutor in your area. You can make $10-$20 an hour!

  4. Online/Remote Teaching

    As I was doing some research for this post, I came across an article that mentioned teaching English as a second language via Skype. It actually intrigued me so much, that I plan on looking into it more once my schedule slows down a bit. Other subjects can include different languages and even Excel courses.

  5. Provide your subject matter expertise

    As Jake mentioned in this post, he is able to work for his dad using the skills he’s gained as a web-developer. If you are knowledgeable or trained in a certain area, such as computers, or carpentry, or even sewing, market yourself and your skills! There are likely many people out there that could use your assistance and expertise and would be willing to pay for it.

  6. Performing yard work

    Do you like mowing lawns, being outside, or even weeding gardens? If yes, yard work might be your perfect side-hustle. A friend of ours mowed this past summer and charged $20/half acre mowed. Not too bad if you don’t mind a little sweat equity.

  7. Waiter/Waitress

    I have a couple of friends that waitress in addition to their full-time job. While most just work during the weekends now, they are still able to make a decent amount in tips. Like many of these part-time gigs, waitressing is one job that you can easily fall back on if you have experience and need some extra income.

  8. Uber or Lyft Driver

    If you have a car and some free time you can be pulling in extra money just by driving people from place to place. Using one of these apps you can essentially become your own taxi service. According to Uber, the average hourly rate drivers earn is approx. $25/hr. You have to account for costs of gas, insurance, and tolls as well so it might be more like $20/hr which is still a great income rate.

  9. Start a Blog!

    Starting a blog requires a bit more time than any of the previous side-hustles to begin to make money. However, I believe it will have some of the largest income potential of any on this list. At the time of writing this post we haven’t made any money yet from our blog, but as we keep growing so do the opportunities for us to profit from it. Things like affiliate marketing can have huge earning potential based on the amount of viewers. We will have a post explaining what affiliate marketing is and how it works sometime in the near future. Subscribe to our email list to be notified when we add new posts like that!

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